Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two last bits about ACL 2005

During the Arcade Fire show, they threw out water bottles. Some of the weirdo fan-boys were treating them like holy relics so Win said, "Don't keep them, drink the water!" To which Richard noted the eBay potential, "Water bottle previously owned by The Arcade Fire. No reserve." Funny guy.

Also, ACL has posted pictures from the fest (most of which are unimpressive) and managed to misidentify The Decemberists as The Arcade Fire in several pictures. I emailed the Fest about it, let's see if it gets corrected.

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  1. The Texan mixed up their pictures as well. Britt Daniel and Jeff Tweedy were mixed up and Richard from Arcade Fire was labelled as Win Butler. I wrote them and then felt bad when the guy told us how hard they worked to get the stuff in the paper by the next day.

  2. They worked hard, but they're still bone-headed mistakes. A simple on-line search would find other pics for comparison. Hell, they could have asked me!

    No need to feel bad. "But I worked hard!" is no justification for getting facts wrong. A teacher is not going to raise your grade on a factually inaccurate paper just because you spent a lot of time on it.