Friday, September 30, 2005

Lots of medical pics, but text only. So don't freak.

Aw yeah. I just found a Flickr photostream called Clinical Cases and Images. These x-rays and pictures are cool, kinda gross, rather nasty, and quite foul. Sadly, the photos stop at the beginning of the summer (probably used for a class), so I went looking and found the x-ray photo cluster which led on to related subjects. Clusters was a great idea for Flickr.

A guy started a site called Hot or Not?-style rating site for scars, Scarmageddon. There are check-boxes on the side to show scars that are still bleeding, open wound, stitched wound, fully developed, or ScarSafe (very tame). Of course I would argue that the first three categories are not scars at all, merely potential ones, but don't let that get in the way of giving yourself a raging case of the willies.

The current top voted pic is this weird scar from a rattlesnake bite. Eeesh. The full story of the bite is here and the dude has some seriously cool/ball-retracting pics (suitably hidden behind a warning) of his arm during surgery. Like skin cut away and muscles exposed. Wow.

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