Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Revenge of a gospel choir

I had an article published today in The Daily Texan newspaper. It's about a band called Retribution Gospel Choir.

I'm not thrilled with my writing, but then I'm rarely am. Also, writing articles is torturous. I love interviewing bands, love going to the show, love getting the CD for free, and hate hate hate the misery of writing the article or review. Figuring out an angle, crafting paragraphs and transitions, coming up with descriptions that aren't total cliches, the whole thing is a gut-churning, headache-inducing exercise in madness. And yet, I'll do it again and again. So welcome to my pity party, I'm completely ridiculous.


  1. entertainment writing is such a catch-22 (not to sound cliched there). i felt a lot like you do when i was writing, especially toward my writing, which is probably why i ended up moving over to editing after a while, which led to a whole other set of problems. oy. but i did enjoy your RGC advance.