Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Percussion quintet plays DJ Shadow

Brian Udelhofen is a music teacher with great taste. He arranged DJ Shadow's "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" and "Changeling" for Percussion Quintet then taught it to his students. Nifty video of their performance.

At the risk of sounding stoned and tautological, cool stuff is cool.


  1. That is 100% cool. Sometimes I think I'd like to be a really cool teacher, but then I realize that I'm not actually that cool and I never know what to say to kids...

  2. There was a time when I thought teaching would be great. Then I remembered that

    1) I would inevitably overstimulate the children with my own spazitude

    2) I am easily frustrated with people who don't understand a concept after I explain it a couple times; not good when teaching