Thursday, March 10, 2005

Zach Galifianakis interview

Here's the email interview I did with Zach. He was a bit busy, so we conducted it by email.

St. Murse: Why did you want to be part of the Comedians of Comedy documentary? Why do you think you were asked to be part of it?

Zach Galifianakis: I was forced to be part of the documentary by Mr. Patton Oswalt. There was a kidnapping and promises of meeting Wayne Brady. I never got to meet Wayne and the kidnapping involved a bow and arrow. I am part of it because of my of my 9-13 year old demographic pull.

St. M: Why does the kind of comedy you four do seem to work well in rock clubs?

ZG: I am not sure. Sometimes regular comedy clubs like Uncle Chuckles, SirLaughs Alot, Talk to the Hands and such tend to bring in a crowd that expects a certain stand up form. And the rock venues seem to have more of an anything goes feel. Maybe I am wrong.

St. M: What unites you as performers? What divides you?

ZG: What unites me with these particular performers is that we all share a love for Summer Stock. What divides us the fact that these guys do angel dust most afternoons while speaking admiringly about Laura Bush. I on the other hand enjoy a 20 year Tawny to unwind whilst waxing poetic about composting.

St. M: How close are you to going off on the next industry person who suggests that you'd get more work if you shaved your beard? (I assume that this happens, though maybe not)

ZG: I have been told by some members of "Team Galifianakis" to get rid of it. But if I shave it off I look just like Jude Law and it gets confusing.

St. M: Pitch me your dream sitcom.

ZG: I just want to be superimposed into old episodes of "Full House". So I could say things like, "Trust me you guys, when you get to be adults you will be such tools for Teen People. Get out why you can. Please just trust me on this one." Or maybe I would say, "I know the both of you are only two, but in about sixteen years, Bob Saget is going to talk about you guys in a very sexual way in his stand up routine in and it will creep you out."

St. M: What makes you laugh?ZG: Guys wearing two cell phones on their belts. And Entertainment Tonight.

St. M: With the repeated showings of Bubble Boy and Out Cold on Comedy Central, how long before you amass enough wealth and influence to be a viable candidate for public office?

ZG: I wasn't in those movies. All my movies have been really smart foreign films. Stories about an old Hindu canoe maker. My films usually involve plot lines where perhaps a kite saves an orphanage. I would never be in a snowboarding [movie] with Lee Majors where one's penis gets stuck in a jacuzzi jet.

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