Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So frickin' cool

Man do I love nature.

Some octopuses (I read somewhere that this is the correct plural since octopus isn't a Latin word) may disguise themselves and then run away on two tentacles. Check out this sweetness.

*props to the perfectduluthdayers for the rad link and photo


  1. What I thought was super-nifty about the octopod story was that they found two different typse of octopus that did the two-leg thing, but in different ways. One pulled it other tentacles in close to its body and the other held its out in wavy/cork-screw patterns, both trying to emulate objects common to their environments (or that's the assumption anyway). I can't view the RM clip at work, so I don't know which type is shown.

  2. Both kinds are shown in the clip.