Sunday, March 27, 2005

A post while sobering up

Tonight I accompanied my roommates to a party of what was to be fellow grad students. It was great; white trash food, multiple games of darts, and two enormous, friendly Alaskan Malamutes. Then the undergrad boys showed up and I was roped into drinking games for the first time in something like eight years. Yes, I know, ludicrous.

So there I was with kids nine years younger than me making rules against saying the word "drink" in any tense. I did get a "cheers!" for making a Talking Heads reference, and the host of the party was playing a mix of almost exclusively college music of the early nineties. Waves of nostalgia washed over me as early Superchunk, Liz Phair, and Pavement wafted through the air and beer was quaffed all around. A decidedly odd experience at age almost-31.

Unfortunately, Jack in the Box was cleaning their milkshake machine, so no Oreo cookie shakes on the way home. Bastards. Grandma's house was doing a brisk business though.

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  1. Grandma's house was packed when I drove by earlier as well.