Wednesday, March 02, 2005

An over-the-top declaration

Several weeks ago, I was playing poker with my regular poker buddies. Todd had bet all his money and I was trying to figure out whether to call him. This took a bit of time and so the conversation moved on among the other players. Gay-ness came up somehow and also that I am full of it, gay-ness that is. Todd said with (turns out fake) surprise,

"I didn't know John was gay."

I quickly saw this as an opportunity to simultaneously gather information on his poker hand and maybe crack up my friends, so I grabbed my Flaming Lips hat which reads

the FlAminG lipS

jammed it on my head and loudly proclaimed,

"Yes Todd, I like cock!"

Not only did the table erupt in wild enthusiasm (laughter, palm slapping, hooting), but I got my read and called Todd. Turns out we split the pot, but the exchange will live on in infamy within our poker circle.

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