Tuesday, March 08, 2005

SXSW previews

I've written a few previews of SXSW bands for my school paper, yesterday it was The Ditty Bops and Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players.

I want to like The Ditty Bops, but I'm also suspicious of them. It's an odd feeling, I've not been able to suss it out.

TFSP are great fun live, especially in an audience of people who know nothing about them. Here's that radio documentary they did for BBC Radio 1 during SXSW 2004. It's fun, for me anyway, to listen to musicians interviewing musicians about SXSW and Austin, both of which I have no distance from.

Today's paper had bits I wrote about Enon, Supersystem, and Calexico (scroll all the way down).

Enon has consistently gotten better over time.

Supersystem are my #1 gotta-see band for this year. I love pleasant surprises and their CD was one. I hypothesize that the amount of rump-shakin' I engage in at their show will be more than at the Moving Units show and less than the Junior Senior show. So that's pretty high up there. If only I were far enough along in my statistics class to calculate the likelihood of my hypothesis.

Calexico are magnificent and I dearly love them. I want to have Joey Burns' baby. Not because I'm hot for him, but just as a measure of how much I respect and his songwriting and voice. And if John Convertino wants to...

You know I'm torn here. At first it was going to be about if John Convertino wants to teach the little tyke to play drums. Then I had a sudden desire to get a little blue and make an untoward suggestion about how John Convertino could be more, ahem, intimately involved. Then I was apalled at my lasciviousness and trailed off, hence the ellipse. Then I became weirdly confessional and so wrote this paragraph. Which though blatantly obvious, I've just pointed out. ~How very metatextual.~*

Wow. I really need to go home and stop wasting your and my time.

*Some time, years ago, some friends and I decided that we needed a way to denote sarcasm over email because we engaged it in so often. We settled on surrounding the sarcastic text with tildes. So there you are, ~as if you cared.~

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