Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My head: redux

Today, two more strangers stopped me to compliment the back of my head. As you might recall, it looks like this

redd kross

except with three weeks of dark brown roots showing.

I'm really quite taken aback with how much attention it's getting. Not just nudge-your-friend-and-point attention either, it's risen to stop-me-and-talk attention. Everybody says some variation on either "I just had to say, I love your hair" or "What's with the cross man?"

Surprisingly, no one has said, "You look stupid" or "Faggot!" At least, to my face.

I mentioned before why I did it, but I've grown tired of explaining it, so now I just shrug and say "Why not?" or "Seemed like the thing to do".

Maybe it's the tsunami/Red Cross thing, but I'm beginning to think that iconography has a more powerful effect than I'd previously imagined, especially when featured on the dorsal surface of the cranium.

What symbol should I do next year? And peace, anarchy, and smiley face are right out. Here's some ideas I'm toying with:

[Can you tell I suck at HTML? Can't even get the images on the same line]


  1. how about the blue sticker with the yellow '='?


  2. I thought of that, but I take issue with HRC on several things, so don't feel like being an ad for them. And as to Dan's other live-in-person suggestion, I'm not fond of the pink triangle. Ooh, what about the Wire Pink Flag logo?

  3. Go for the Rothko!

  4. how about the traffic circle sign? personally, i think you should demand that those behind you YIELD, but nobody ever (seriously)listens to my ideas.