Friday, March 03, 2006

Term of the Day: Crepitation

Warning to the squeamish, stop reading now and skip down to the next entry, a light-hearted one about dementia. Snerk.

CREPITATION - grating sound emanating from the body

Could be creaking knee joints, could be bone fragments from a fracture grinding against each other. I had a test over fractures this week. The general understanding of fracture is just a crack in a bone where a break goes all the way through. Medically they're all fractures, with the extent indicated as complete or incomplete.

How about some fun illustrations of typical fractures?


  1. A couple of years ago I had to edit (from several passes of manuscript through to a finished book with gory illustrations) a book that ended up being titled something like "Ouch! How Bones Break." When I read through the writer's first draft, I seriously got woozy and thought I was going to pass out at my desk. Then, just when I got comfortable with the bone-snapping info, the client decided to add some sections on muscle tears, and that turned out to be pretty faint-inducing as well.

  2. Man I want a copy of that. Amazon doesn't carry it though.

  3. Book:

    I wish I had a copy too. Recently I've been wanting copies of several of the books I either edited or heavily ghostwrote (I was modest enough not to put my name on those, so they didn't send me complimentary copies) but nothing doing on finding copies for sale so far. :(

  4. a) at cal i had some friends who started an emo (think make-up, not mtv) band called fallen fontanel.

    b) i went blind when reading a red cross manual on how to remove a snagged fishhook from flesh. well, i halfway blacked out and was sort of groping around the bathroom trying to get out before i completely passed out on the tile floor. so last march i avoided watching that same extraction from a dumb dog's tongue.

    love, chew

  5. That's cute Chew. Just let me know if you have fishhooks to remove.