Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sickity Suckity

Being sick sucks. Being sick when I have lots of schoolwork supersucks. It hyper-sucks. It vacuum-of-space sucks. Friday morning I had a dry cough. Saturday morning I woke up feeling achy, feverish, dazed, and coughing. Ditto Sunday. I called my clinical teacher and gave her the heads up. Even a slight fever precludes us going to the hospital. The patients are already ill in some way, best to not expose them to any more germs. Plus, with an already taxed immune system, we could very well get something from the patients.

Thankfully my clinical instructor is cool and recognized that I’ve been doing a great job this semester so I didn’t have to make it up by going another day.

The other symptoms were pretty much resolved by Wednesday morning when I had a test, but the chest congestion and cough held on for days costing me lots of sleep. Friday night, my friend Chad gave me generic Musinex and that worked where everything else had failed to break up the chest congestion. Thanks Chad!

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