Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Go-gos at Stubb’s

I had hemmed and hawed about going to this show. What decided it for me was so many of my friend decided to go. I’m very glad that I did. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of it coming out, they played the Beauty & the Beat album all the way through. Rock on. I never thought I’d ever hear them play “This Town”. So very happy. After that they played a bunch more songs from all over their career, the hits sure, but also more obscure stuff. I can’t recall what exactly those songs were, but it was cool. They were tight and Belinda and Jane’s vocals were strong and clear. Great show to see in the open air. It I hadn’t been sick, I would have been dancing up a storm. All I managed was some shimmy and shake during “Head Over Heels.”

What really amused me about this show was the audience. There were tons of people who clearly have been fans since the band was in their heyday. I saw at least five original tour t-shirts and lots of mouthing of lyrics. I noticed that local TV meteorologist Mark Murray was there as well. After seeing him at so many shows over the years, I’m convinced that he’s a big music geek and probably lived at clubs when he was younger. The next time I see him at a show I think I’m going to go talk to him.

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  1. According to his KVUE profile, his two favorite things are weather and music and he can often be spotted checking out new CDs at local music shops. KGSR also apparently gave him the nickname "Lightnin' Murray."