Monday, May 02, 2005

Sick, again

Lack of sleep caught up with me again and I got sick Friday. Dragged myself to class to take a couple quizzes and then tried to Nyquil (actually store brand) myself well. Didn't work and I got a sinus infection and a middle ear infection. Thank your lucky stars that I don't have a digital camera or else there would be a grody picture of the orange blob that came out of my nose on Saturday afternoon. Didn't get any studying done over the weekend and can now appreciate how awful sinus pressure headaches are.

I'm on super-sudafed and an antibiotic now. Probably not going to do well on my four exams this week as I'm spacey and tired. Great timing. Fuck.


  1. Oh, well damn! Sorry to hear this. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Especially since we're having a BBQ on Saturday!


  2. I'm mostly well now, in time for my last two tests. I'll make an appearance at the BBQ (got to see L&M), but I have so many things to do that day: political campaigning, two parties, poker.