Thursday, May 12, 2005

My first day at work

After rocking my chemistry final this afternoon and securing an A for the class, I reported to the hospital for my first day of work. Nothing in particular to report, but here's some quick impressions:

- Patients with less teeth than expected

- Hot cops

- The quiet click of handcuffs

- Frantic, pained, and then relieved looks on faces

- The volatile smell of isopropyl alcohol

- Waiting for something to happen

Just so you know, it would be both unethical and illegal for me to relate specific stories of patients or staff. As a result, any tales I tell here will be somewhat vague and sufficiently obfuscated.


  1. Congrat's on entering the ER world. I worked as a Paramedic in a Level One Trauma Center in NW Ohio. What a great time. The thing I hope you'll come to love is the family of people you work with. We had a great team.
    Anyhow, saw your Miguel Covarrubias post on BoingBoing, thought I'd see who you were. My artsy friends and I post photos at, enjoy!

  2. Thanks for visit. I'm just getting my feet wet at work, but I'm sure I'm going to find it challenging and a learning experience.