Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ennui abatement

A person I know, let's called him Kangaroone, is presently experiencing a trough in the waveform of life. Having gone through several of these myself, I thought I might help by suggesting things that have helped me feel better, however temporarily:

- Coffee

- Indulging a bit by listening to The Smiths or The Cure, but then forcing myself to listen to They Might Be Giants or The B-52s

- Not staying inside with the blinds drawn

- Really good mac & cheese

- Swimming/tubing down a river with friends

- Orgasms

- Re-reading Bridge to Terabithia

- Taking a dog for a walk

- Helping someone else


  1. omg you masturbate? Ew!

  2. omg you masturbate? Ew!

  3. Damn it, I didn't post that twice.

  4. I haven't felt guilty about a little self-lovin' since 7th grade. Now years later I continuted to feel guilty about what was in my head during... you get the idea.

  5. excellent suggestions. i'd like to add pizza and cartoons to the list, though.