Thursday, April 07, 2005

What I did tonight instead of study

Tonight I went to see Kronos Quartet perform Terry Riley's Sun Rings at Bass Concert Hall on the UT campus. I had a free ticket from last Fall; the UT Performing Arts Center tried to boost voter turnout by giving away free tickets to students and faculty that voted in the November election. I'm not sure how successful it was.

Upon exiting the elevator at the top floor, a staffer asked "Free ticket?" I replied in the affirmative and she pointed me to my row. As I climbed to the nosebleed seats, I noticed that the entire upper balcony was empty except for my fellow voters. All seven of us. So we sat together - shoutout to my peeps in Row W, Row W 4evah! - and made small talk about the other shows we'd seen from the nosebleeds (Girl 1: Nina Simone, making me very jealous as I could only cite Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt, great but not Nina Simone great). Girl 2 pointed out the coincidence of us sitting in Row W when we all had not voted for W. Hee.

Soon the lights went down and the staff let us move down to fill empty seats. It was a good show, but far from the best Kronos Quartet show I've seen, mainly due to the material. I like Terry Riley, and maybe I just wasn't in the mood, but I much preferred the "best of" tour last year(?) and the show they did with Don Walser back in '97.

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