Thursday, April 21, 2005

Oh my. Oh my yes.

Don't know if you've been hipped to Wonder Showzen, but it is seriously the most subversive show on television. And it's on MTV2.

It's hard to know where to start. The last three sequences I just saw were:

A cartoon about four little girls who invoke Finger Force and bulimic-ize themselves into skinny, big-eyed fashionistas to raise money for an orphange, but then spend all the money on clothes.

A hygiene film of the '50s, recut and with added voiceover so it becomes a celebration of obsessive-compulsive hand washing.

And then one of the most incredibly dense OHMYGAWD moments I've ever experienced, a cartoon titled Global Politics in 30 seconds.

It opens on a map of North America. A pink USA sprouts a pig tail and roars. Then, it pisses on Mexico, takes bloody bites out of South America, humps Africa, gives birth to three crying Mexicos, and then eats two of them. My head almost imploded from the sheer audacity of it.

I'm going to have to start taping it. Oh hey, here's the pilot. If you have Windows MediaPlayer 9, you can see more clips here.

Och, the coolness continues. The animation studio behind the cartoons on Wonder Showzen is Augenblick Studios. Aaron Augenblick sent an animated music video of sorts to SXSW in 2000 and it got in. He appears to be doing well now, and throwing music work to Bradford Reed who played his awesome pencilina in the music conference part of SXSW several years ago. So much sweetness all interwoven together.


  1. With a little more poking around, I found out that Augenblick Studios is also does the animation for that Comedy Central comdian clip show Shorties Watchin' Shorties and is making a promo for LOGO, that gay channel MTV is premiering in June.

    Wow, I have to write them an email.

  2. I have caught one episode so far and it was fantastic. I need to find out when it's on.