Thursday, April 07, 2005


I was just reading about this year's winners of the Peabody Award (yay Daily Show!) when my eyes literally bugged out of my head. It seems that the director of the Awards is named Horace Newcomb. "No way," I thought as my eyes recessed back into their sockets, "But then how likely is it that there would be two guys named Horace Newcomb involved in media?"

You see, Horace Newcomb (why can't I stop typing his name? Because his name is Horace Newcomb!)) was the name of my Intro to Media Studies professor my freshman year at the University of Texas. The class was a prerequisite to taking any other Radio-Television-Film class and therefore, in an apparent effort to dissuade the dilettantes, was stultifyingly boring.

After checking a little further, I found a picture and confirmed that it is the same Horace. Wow. Good for him I guess.

What I will never forget about Horace:

- He was obsessed with Magnum P.I. to the point that he had published articles about the show and cited it constantly in class.

- On the slam tables* one semester someone wrote, "Horace has the personality of a dead platypus."

* Slam tables are the old school way that UT students share opinions on teachers and classes. They are actual tables covered in butcher paper set up around the main library during registration. Can be useful and funny.

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