Friday, July 14, 2006

Reading material for monitoring the suicidal

I worked another 16-hour shift last night/this morning. I wasn't scheduled for it, but when asked I thought, "Well I'm up already, it's good money, and I mostly have to just sit here, read, and make sure this guy who is sleeping doesn't try to kill himself. I'm in!" About 4 AM I was regretting it. Mostly because I was very tired (I'd been up since 7 AM the day before), but also because I was reading a crappy play called Bus Stop written by William Inge that was later turned into a movie starring Marilyn Monroe. Just cliche as all get out, though since it was produced in the '50s maybe Inge was the first to write them. Wait, is that better or worse?

By 5 AM I was slightly more alert and reading Arthur Miller's The Crucible which almost made me cry is was so good and relevant. I'm working graveyards for the next couple nights and I'm thinking of reading Douglas Adams or Kurt Vonnegut. Funny science fiction or rabidly satirical science fiction?


  1. I vote for funny science fiction. Always good for a laugh in those early morning hours.

  2. I agree, but nothing after So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

  3. You've read Cat's Cradle, right? I vaguely remember you telling me that you'd finally read it.
    My vote is for Vonnegut, but Adams is probably a little lighter, considering the circumstances. I'd say for Kurt, go for God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (short stories) or Player Piano next.