Monday, July 17, 2006

Odd psych drug ads

Thanks to BoingBoing, I stared in head-shaking wonder at this collection of Japanese psychiatric drug ads. Some of my favorites:

Serenace® (haloperidol)

"Do you hallucinate that a giant bird-of-prey is after you? Serenace® can help." This and the rest of the Serenace ads are not what I would call soothing.

Rivotril® (clonazepam)

It's not uncommon for me to ask patients where I work if they're feeling anxious. Now I know that my follow-up question should be, "Would you rather feel like a naked child sitting in a field of flowers while a large umbrella protects you from the metaphorical storm? Great, let's see if you've got clonazepam prescribed."

Doral® (quazepam)

I don't know about you, but if just the ad is soothing my insomnia imagine how well the drug works. Ridiculously adorable.

These ads reminded me of a previous posting, this collection of American psychiatric drug ads. Faves:

Not sure how a child slumped over on a swing represents a Stabilized Epileptic, but then I never studied advertising in school aside from a brief analysis of its ever-refined means of manipulating people.

"See? You can poke her in the eye and she doesn't even flinch. Sweet!"

Mom: Umm, I'm a little concerned that Timmy's pupils are freaking huge.
Nurse: Don't worry, Nembutal is the "gentle" barbituate. If he stops breathing, call us.


  1. I could use some content-cuddly-kitten pills. Where do I sign up?

  2. The pharmaceutical company that comes up with the medication which makes people feel like a sleepy kitty will rake in the bucks. Just like my imaginary company that creates 8" horses and mini-elephants.