Monday, July 10, 2006

Dragged around on a rope all day

I was all set to write an amusing account of my day at the lake with friends last Saturday, and then I saw that Joolie beat me to it. Read it, it's funny. If I was talented, or even had the program, I would have photoshopped a picture of Joolie with fins and gills cause she was totally amphibious, if by amphibious you mean "able to get up on skis and wakeboard immediately despite not having practiced in many years."

My two best wipeouts of the day were off the tubes, no surprise if you read Joolie's account. One crash had me barrel-rolling off the side of the tube for two full revolutions. On the second, I ended up skidding backwards on my back so forcefully that I created my own wake at least a foot high and my swimtrunks were yanked below my ass.

Next time we go out, I'm going to record video of the tube wipeouts.


  1. Now that we're pretty much done with the house search, I think Tini and I would like to go boating. I haven't been tubing in ages and I would sign a video release for my wipeout footage.

  2. when do i get to go skiing? hmmmmm? you promised!!!!!

  3. I guess I have to start taking reservations. Boatowner is out of town so you all will have to be patient.

  4. Yeah, me too! I tried the tubing thing in upstate NY this week (with my crazy uncle driving the boat).