Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Alpha male alert

A little while ago I encountered a new kind of patient. I've seen the incredibly depressed and disheveled, the haunted schizophrenic, the mile-a-minute manic, but this was my first bipolar young turk. The testosterone coming off this guy could stun a rhino (and Barry Bonds). Shirtless push-ups in the dayroom? Sure, why not. Hitting on every female under the age of 50? Of course. Ostentaciously adjusting his package? All in a day's work. Yeesh. I had to have the "it's not appropriate to discuss your sexual conquests here" conversation with him twice.

The kicker was he's tremendously hot. Seriously, best-looking psych patient I've ever seen. How annoying is that? At least he wasn't hot and even-tempered without a trace of grandiose delusions.


  1. Why thank you. When I have a breather I'll have to track back through yours. I used to have time for yer blog, and then I fell away from it.

  2. LOL aah the psych rotation. I remember back in the day, I was assigned to look after an obsessive compulsive masturbator. Purel, anyone?

  3. Oh I had somebody like that. Spent a lot of time in the bathroom.