Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I take it all back, Austin cold weather freakout-itude

Pure, unadulterated joy is such a great feeling.

Earlier today I was in the old UT main library studying with a friend for our exam tonight and the one tomorrow morning. Ugh. Then, a wondrous voice came over the PA system announcing that UT was closing and would remain closed until 10 AM tomorrow. All classes until then are cancelled because there will be some freezing drizzle tonight.

The library came alive with beaming faces and muffled cries of excitement. It was so cool to see how happy everyone was. My friend and I gathered up our notes and walked across campus to her car, smiling and laughing all the way.

Now, after studying so much last night, I get to take a nap as soon as I post this. Hoorah for overly cautious school administrators! Of course, shortly after I got home there were emails about rescheduling the tests for next week. But still.

UPDATE: UT cancelled class all day today (12/8) too! So that's a class presentation and another test postponed until Monday and Tuesday. Thank you UT, you've procrastinated for me. Usually I'd have to clean the bathroom and vacuum the house instead of studying to achieve this level of delay.

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