Tuesday, December 13, 2005

American Analog Set and an offer easy to resist

American Analog Set 12/11/05 in Austin

Great night out Sunday night. I went to the show with MyBloodySelf and Jennifer despite my looming tests because it was rumored to be their last one ever. Near the beginning of the show, frontman Andrew Kenny guilelessly said, "Thanks for coming, it's been a long fall." Laughter all around since most everyone had heard the retirement rumor. "Oh. I should have said Autumn."

There was a total asshole near us constantly hoisting his drinks and yelling thinks like, "Whooo! You rock!" He was clearly a big fan (he knew most of the words), so why was he behaving this way for one of the most sedate, non-rockin bands ever? It would be like standing up during a Tchaikovsky performance and screeching, "Yeah, Scherzo a la russ & Impromptu in Eb Minor! I love this one. Whooo!"

Despite the jerk, it was an amazing show. They played beautifully and the flow of songs was perfectly paced. I don't think I've ever seen them so relaxed and confident. Near the end of the show, Andrew took some time to thank Austin for being their home and so good to them over the years. Hard to imagine I've been seeing them for over a decade. Some of the kids with Xs on their hands were still in elementary school when Amanset in started.

On the way home, we drove down Guadalupe past the UT campus. At a light, a cab full of college-age girls stopped and one of them slurringly invited us to a party. It was 1:45 AM. We demurred, Dan saying that he had to get up in the morning. She was persistant saying it was going to be great or off the hook or whatever the kids are saying these days. I offered that we were too old for them. The light changed and she made a last ditch effort, "They'll be naked poontang!"

Whoo-boy was she off-base. Our car? Two gay men and a straight woman. Uproarious laughter ensued. As the cab pulled away Jennifer yelled out the window, "You got the wroooong guys for naked poontang."

When I got home, I watched a little TV and heard this gem from David Cross (dripping with irony) on Comedy Central's Last Laugh 2005, "I'm not opposed to gay marriage, because I'm tolerant and rational. So it doesn't bother me?"

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  1. AmAnSet's show in dc was beautiful as well - except for the damn people who talked the entire damn show.