Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Doonesbury on consumptive Creationism

I'm not a regular reader of Doonesbury anymore, but I happened to see last Sunday's strip posted on a professor's door and Gary Trudeau is still brilliant.

It's similar to the argument I have used against Creationist hypocrisy, but in Trudeau's hands it's succinct, pointed, and laugh-out-loud funny. Just as there are supposedly no atheists in foxholes, there are few stick-to-their-principles Creationists in doctors' offices.

What really put it over the top for me is that I just took my pharmacology final last Friday and tuberculosis meds were on it. Streptomycin for TB, ludicrous!


  1. I also found this brilliantly funny, and I couldn't agree with you more. Being a reformed born-again Christian, I can personally attest to the cafe-style approach to beliefs, picking and choosing from the bible and explaining away that-which-does-not-jive, while stating in the the next breath that "all scripture is good and beneficial for teaching." The very same hypocrisy, incidentally, that when coupled with a little critical thinking instilled by my engineering studies, ruled that lifestyle untenable.

  2. While this cartoon is funny as almost all Doonesbury cartoons are, it unfortunately conveys typical misconceptions about the position of creationism. Most creationists these days do not deny the phenomenon of micro-evolution which is what is involved in the mutation of bacteria based illnesses such as pneumonia.

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