Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Daily Show on the formerly craven Ford Motor Company

You might have heard that Ford Motor Company, bowing to pressure from a rather nasty conservative "family" group, is pulling initially planned to pull its ads from gay magazines. Ridiculous. Why is Ford worried about this group boycotting them? The same group was rebuffed by Disney and Kraft; they called off the Disney boycott after 9 years because it didn't work.

Thankfully, The Daily Show covered the issue in their inimitable style. Jon Stewart explained from which magazines Ford was pulling their ads, "The publications include and . Not affected are , , , , , , , , and of course, Gaywad McGee's Scrotum Lovers Quarterly."

Scrotum Lovers Quarterly

"Actually, umm, I umm, I should add that last one's really more of a trade magazine, for connossieurs of scrotums."

Thanks Jon & Company, you make me laugh about something that previously sent my blood pressure North. Crooks & Liars has video for the whole segment.

I debated whether to actually provide links to all the porn mags, but it was so easy - almost every one was the top hit on Google, not that Black Inches was a big surprise - and figured the cheap thrill trumped good taste. They're all kinda safe for work, depending on how your boss feels about your computer displaying a naked guy with a big yellow words obscuring his crotch.

UPDATE: As Americablog reports, Ford backed off on pulling it's ads and even stated that they would tailor them for gay consumers (I assume that means attractive homo couples sitting it their cars).

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