Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. opens

Greenwood Space Travel Supply

recently opened in Seattle as the storefront for . Besides the obvious supplies like robot parts, bulk antigravity, and spare air, they also have . How frickin' cool is Dave Eggers and Co. for creating this series of non-profit writing centers for kids?

After a cursory search, it became clear to me that there wasn't a comprehensive list of all the 826 chapters in the country and what their "fake" storefronts are. So I made one:

The Store, San Francisco's only independent pirate supply store
(some pictures here)

, for all your superhero supply needs
I've been to this one. It's awesome. For Halloween, they re-decorated as the Villain Superhero Supply Store.

I don't think they have a storefront, which is too bad. I came across a newspaper story about the planning for 826 LA with this suggestion for the store from Dave Eggers, "A duty-free shop for a time traveler of the future who might be traveling back in time and need to buy, say, a torch and a battle-ax without paying taxes on it."

(Ann Arbor)
The International Monsters Union (opening soon)

The Boring Store, secret agent supplies (opening soon)

, "Space travel is all we do!"

I also saw a mention that there might be chapter opening in Pittsfield, MA, but that hasn't happened yet. Man I'd love to have one in Austin.

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