Friday, August 12, 2005

NYC Day 3: Superhero supplies, bad art, and a great meal with friends

Didn't get much done today either. Lunch with my friend Jay at Patsy's, a venerable pizza place that only takes cash. What's up with that? I realize that businesses actually lose a transaction fee when they take credit cards, but cash only? That's just haughty. Good pizza though.

Next I went to Brooklyn Superhero Supply, a deeply cool store that supports the fantastic work of 826 NYC.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply

Brooklyn Superhero Supply

Yes, they have a Capery. You don a potential cape and stand on an elevated platform as a wind machine blows. It's just friggin' brilliant. If I was kid, this store would be heaven. More photos here.

Just enough time to get out to PS1 before it closed. Having never been on my previous trips to NYC, I was excited about seeing the building and a show of new works. Building? Cool. Show? Meh. Waaaay too many poorly executed video installations, though there were a couple I liked. There was an overall lack of craft and technique in the show. I love modern, abstract art, but please kids, don't just glue a bunch of crap together (or melt glass bottles and feathers into a slag heap) and expect me to be impressed.

Dinner with Jay and his fiance Jasmine, who is warm and lovely, at a sushi place. Yummy, crunchy, fiery, with green tea mochi to top it off. Wonderful. Except I felt the imminent signs of illness coming on: fever, body aches, a scratchy throat.

Back to Brad & Anja's for roughly 11 hours of sleep.

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