Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Last day at the hospital, for now

My last day of work at the hospital was uneventful. Following the recommendation of my co-workers, I slacked off a bit and chatted with everyone. I didn't have charged batteries for my brand-new camera, so I didn't take pictures. I'll come back after my vacation and take some late at night when others aren't paying attention.

While others were melancholy over my leaving, I was jubilant. Sure I'll miss the money, but having a vacation before school starts again is going to be great. I'll be back next Spring anyway.

I'll miss:

- Learning something new almost every day
- The dark humor of my co-workers
- Leaving on cool, starry nights after a long day
- The focus and energy when a serious case comes in

I won't miss:

- Patients in the waiting room asking every 15 minutes how long before they are seen
- Ill-conceived managerial projects
- Off-kilter sleep patterns
- The smell of infected feet

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