Saturday, August 13, 2005

CT Day 1: Goodbye NYC, hello family

After sleeping in and shaking my illness, I finally got up and bid goodbye to Brad & Anja

Brad & Anja
(Anja's dress is actually green, thanks new camera color-swap function!)

and Virgil, the bestest dog ever.


Then I was off to my Aunt & Uncle's house in Southern Connecticut. Through sheer coicidence, I planned my trip so that I would be at their house on my Uncle Robert's birthday. Three of my cousins were there too and my dad drove down as well. It was a blast as usual. My cousins are loud and argumentative, so we get along famously.

We covered a range of topics: the tragedy that is this Presidential administration, how incredibly liberal/progressive and therefore naive they believe me to be (anti-Walmartization, anti-border patrol vigilanteism), various misbehaviors in which my cousins engaged.

The last was aptly illustrated by Bobby, who related the time that he and his brother Buddy were rough-housing and broke their bunk beds. As punishment, my Aunt tied them to their beds (shades of Joan Crawford). Though, it was with silk scarves. So all things considered, not that bad.

After many beers, and an extended conversation on the oddity of our dead relative's names (Urgel, Alcide, Delima, Moise), my cousins went home and I went to bed.

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