Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Two weeks left to gather material

In an interesting development since this post, I've been denied the shift change I requested. I was told that they had no more slots for PRNs (as needed employees) and that I'd have to stay full-time or commit to a part-time schedule which would probably interfere with my schoolwork. So, I put in my two weeks notice today.

Apparently, management would rather lose me completely than have me drop down to working a shift or two a week. This is especially curious given that they're chronically under-staffed - especially on weekends, which is exactly when I'd be picking up shifts - and some of the current PRN staff barely work now. Their boneheadedness in essentially demanding to have me on their terms or not at all was a shock at first. Upon further reflection, this type of nose-cutting, face-spiteing is in line with past conduct.

Maybe they were playing hardball thinking I'd crack, the naive imbeciles. I have a long history of standing up for myself at work and loudly pointing out the flaws of management. School, of course, takes precedence and this job was originally to be a summer job only, so it's no great loss. I feel worse for my co-workers who will have to work that much harder in my absence.

My fellow employees have made me feel practically sunny about all this. Being sorely missed and roundly praised will do that. It's also gratifying to have everyone hop on the "friggin' morons!" bandwagon. I'm thinking of collecting all the employee criticism, demanding an exit interview with the manager that decided to lose me, and taking her down a peg or two.

In my resignation letter, I left the managers a way out. After several paragraphs laying out my arguments, I concluded with,

"I trust that you can see the wisdom of keeping me on a PRN basis and will happily rescind my resignation should you reach that conclusion."

Gee but I love writing stuff like that. Unfortunately, management seems to have a Dubya-like inability to admit mistakes and so I expect the reply will be something along the lines of, "So long and don't let the door hit ya on the way out."

Oh well, life moves on.

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