Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Yesterday I put in my notice at work that I would be going PRN in a few weeks. PRN is is an acronym for pro re nata, or "as needed." Rather than work a fixed schedule, I'll sign up for shifts that need more staff. As the school semester starts in late August and there isn't any benefit to me working a fixed part-time schedule, it just makes sense. It does mean that I won't be putting in anywhere near the hours I did this summer, hence less stories to share in this space. Luckily, I have a backlog. The well is far from dry.

My boss hasn't actually acknowledged my notice, which certainly could get awkward in a few weeks when I stop showing up for work. We'll see about that today. All my work friends know and are generally supportive, though there is the requisite whining about losing a person who does the work quickly and correctly. To which I say, "Suck it bitchbags!" No, I like my work friends and am a little sad that I won't see them as much.

The decision to sort-of quit has been brewing for a couple weeks now. Some of the managerial boneheadedness was beginning to chafe, as it always does several months into a new job. I need to have a summer vacation before I hit the books again, so it's Devo in New York, my Dad's home town, The Shockwave, and Boogie Bahn for me.

Oh, and here's a great quote from a patient,

"I'm not usually a paranoid person when I do drugs. Maybe they're putting something in the drugs."

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