Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What passes for a July 4th post around here

Over the weekend, I dreaded going to work on Independence Day because of the large potential for fireworks injuries and drunken car accidents. I'm happy to report that July 4th ended with only one minor fireworks-related incident and one drunken assault. Of course there were people who fell off things, had seizures, or didn't take their meds/took an excess of meds to make up for it.

So really, it was a typical day aside from the plethora of flag-themed scrubs on the med staff. Like this:

From a purely design persective, red, white, and blue is an ugly grouping of colors to use in clothing fabric and, consequently, Tommy Hilfiger is vile.

Speaking of vile and flags, if the perennial flag-burning amendment (otherwise known as "bread and circuses while Rome burns") gets out of Congress and goes to the states for ratification, there will be a great market for faux-flags. Completely legal and ready to burn. John Scalzi says and demonstrates the concept better than I ever could.

Can't quite get my head around what is essentially an edit of the First Amendment. "Freedom of Speech. Yes, good idea. Wait, no, but not burning a symbol of that freedom. No, that's so awful that we must take time out to specifically try to prevent it, but ultimately fail because people can just burn reasonable facsimiles thereof." Then again, I'm a bit out of step with a third of the young people who think the First Amendment goes too far. Sigh.

As far as flags-as-a-print-for-scrubs, I prefer the Canadian flag. Simple, immediately recognizable, and just a bit (serrated) edgy. I tried to find a picture of the scrub top sported by one of the Canadian med staff, but Google failed to offer it. Though it did find this and this. Oh Internets, you are so fickle.

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  1. I wish you could have come over! :( Sorry about backing out of Elysium. I had zero energy.


  2. Elysium left me tired and completely soaked in sweat from my hat to my socks. Also, the set was pretty much the same as last time we went.