Thursday, July 14, 2005

Open letter to a father who brought his son to the ER

Dear Sir,

I'm trying to imagine the circumstances under which your 10-year-old received multiple ant bites on his penis. Enlighten me.

Thanks so much,
St. Murse


  1. Maybe he was wearing short-shorts with no undies while sitting on an anthill?

  2. peeing on a tree covered in ants? i always look...


  3. you don't look if there are rattlers nearby.


  4. what hospital do you work at? i'm sure you've said it, but i don't wanna read a whole lot lol. sorry. but you amuse me and are clever. i too live in austin. WORDDDD. lol. anyways, just being friendly and curious.

    oh and sorry about my penis, those damn ants are pesky.

  5. In the interest of maintaining some level of anonymity for the hospital, I won't reveal where I work.

    And as I've noted before, I alter some combination of the sex, age, name, and time of visit of the people I write about here. The essential elements are all true, but of course I protect the identities of the patients.

    Further, however odd or unique these instances seem, to hear the other staff members tell it, nothing I've written is all that uncommon.