Saturday, July 09, 2005

Demetri Martin is a funny, funny man

Demetri Martin had a great show last night at Emo's at a taping for his first comedy album. About a third of the material I've heard before on his talk show appearances and Comedy Central special, but funny is funny and he killed. Demetri is a former writer on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and a great comedian.

I was surprised by the turnout, the inside room at Emo's was packed. I guess the postcard marketing and/or word-of-mouth worked. Less surprising was the largely hipster crowd, in particular the two Demetri-clones. Seriously, same "gay Beatle" haircut (as Demetri calls it), same lanky build.

The show was marred only by Annoying Forced Laugh Guy who clearly was trying to make an indelible impression for the recording.

My favorite joke of the night was one that bombed. It's a bit of a sleeper.
"There's not much difference between saying I'm sorry and saying I apologize. Unless you're at a funeral. Worse still, my bad."

There are several more tapings in Seattle and San Francisco. I hope the CD comes out well. Here's an NPR profile of him with a link to a few of his jokes.

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