Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiring, yet fulfilling week

Very busy at work this week, particularly today. My preceptor has almost completely stepped back, leaving me to handle things on my own unless I specifically ask her input on my plans or for a hand in boosting in patients in bed and the like. It's stressful doing the job without her help, but she and I agree that I'm ready and I best get as much practice handling the work solo because I'll be switching to night shift soon enough. After a couple weeks with a preceptor to get the hang of the work flow at night, I'll be on my own. Of course I can still ask the other nurses for help or input, but the responsibility will be mine with all the little mental freak-outs that come with shouldering it.

As I said, today was busy. I started the morning with one patient, admitted a fresh surgical patient, transferred the first one to the floor, admitted a third patient, transferred the second one out, then managed the third until shift change. Despite it being so busy, I had time to fall in love with my first two patients. Though their quite different backgrounds played a big part in why I was so taken with them, for confidentiality reasons I can't go into detail and changing the details to hide their identities just defeats the point. I can say that their motivation was a joy. Too often post-surgical patients just want to lie still in bed. These patients wanted to get better and followed the medical plan of care to achieve that. More than once I told one of them, "I wish I could shoot a video of you to show other patients how it's done!" I'll have to remember them both when I have the inevitable bad day.

I still really like my job. Yay.

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