Monday, April 28, 2008

Love my Car Olé

Another nice weekend in Austin. This time I came up to visit with my wonderful (but slightly misanthropic), adorable (yet occasionally menacing) friend and former roommate Carole and her sister. Both now reside elsewhere and it had been a while since they'd been back to Austin. I didn't join them for the requisite trip to Toy Joy and Momoko, but I did attend the night swim at Barton Springs. Sure the water is 68 degrees but if you just start swimming, the exertion keeps you warm. Getting out is mildly uncomfortable, though I find that vigorous towelling and thoughts of perhaps going to Kirby or Magnolia for pancakes soon resolves the shivering and goosebumps.

Lots of eating out including meatloaf at Hyde Park, Thai pizza from Flying Tomato, breakfast tacos at Tamale House, and a strawberry cheescake snowball from Casey's where we heard but did not directly witness a two-car collision. Thankfully everyone was OK and I didn't have to spring into action. It makes me nervous that I might be called upon to render medical aid outside my job and volunteer activities. Of course I'll do it as needed, I'd just rather not have the "opportunity".

Oh hey, I just realized that Carole, her sister, and I failed to convene a meeting of the organization we founded many years ago. BOTA, or Bring On The Asteroids, is dedicated to periodically becoming so frustrated by the general suckiness of people that we throw up our hands and welcome an asteroid bombardment that will wipe out humans and allow the rise of a new sapient race. Hopefully the bonobos who are generally groovy and prefer sex over violence.

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  1. Ooooo ... wait 'til you see the June 2008 cover of the Atlantic Monthly.* The picture doesn't seem to be up on their website yet, but it features digitally rendered artwork of a ginormous (scientific term) asteroid hurtling toward Earth, and the equally ginormous headline "The Sky Is Falling."

    It gets better: "It's inevitable: Asteroids with the power to annihilate us will come this way. Can NASA divert them before it's too late?"

    Let's hope not. Thank goodness for bureaucratic inefficiency!

    Loved seeing you, too.

    - c

    * I have xeroxed the cover art to stick on my fridge, of course.