Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A taste sensation?

A little Tex-Mex place near my apartment has a drink on the menu called Vampiro. It's a combination of orange, carrot, and beat juice [sic]. In rapid succession I thought of the following definitions for that last ingredient:

beat juice

1. the combination of blood and saliva that flies or leaks from the mouth whilst being pummeled: After he provoked those bikers, they extracted at least a pint of beat juice.

2. reputation for DJing skill: He's got massive beat juice.

3. semen: After holding off for 18 days, the masturbation session resulted in massive beat juice. At least a pint.

Beyond adding a deep red color and therefore justifying the name Vampiro, beet juice just doesn't sound all that appealing. Still, it's preferable to making a drink with definitions 1 and 3.


  1. i'll have one of those drinks! only if it has beet juice in it.

  2. That drink sounds good. I need to come visit so I can try it. And, you know, hang out.

  3. Yes please! I'd like visitors.