Saturday, April 12, 2008

I was ready to be impressed

Oh Houston, I'm trying to like you but you're making it difficult. Last week I got excited because I found out about the Westheimer Block Party. Lots of bands and artists, free, and just a 20 minute walk away. It started at noon, but after a long week at work I slept in, read a bit with Muriel's Wedding on in the background, went to the gym, and ate a leisurely early dinner before heading down to the Party. Three hours later I was walking back home rather disappointed. Here are some notes I jotted down:

- This band would like to be the Strokes. Now they're playing Tom Petty's "American Girl". Huh.

- Bandana. Why?

- The painter of stylized rotund people is here.

- Shitty drummer for a jazz band. Saxomophones.

- Screw is still a going concern in Houston. [Reading the Wikipedia entry, it's still a going concern everywhere. Shows what I know.]

- Between song time > song time = no good + me moving on

- Suck.

- Nice guitar, belongs in better band.

- A song I like! Now sucking.

This was the most entertaining thing I saw

I really should stop comparing Houston to Austin, but it's hard when the city you love to pieces is not the one you're in and the one you're in jabs you in the ear with mediocre to poor music.

Tomorrow I get my first taste of Houston theater. My cultural hopes are elevated yet wary.


  1. hang in there kitten. i know it's hard to leave austin. believe me. i mark the days on my calendar until my return. at least you have a job that you enjoy. that's somethin'.
    i'll come visit you with mister scene captain when i get back.

  2. did that guy with the giant snake wander around again? that always cracks me up and makes me angry. fashion accessory reptile + houston heat = dead reptile.

  3. No snake sighted. I'm really looking forward to working nights so on my nights off I can walk around my neighborhood and take long exposures of neon signs among other things.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, Eeyores is coming up, which surely exceeds the level of suckitude you just encountered by several degrees.

  5. omigod, more posting now! tell me about theater! or, as new-work style insists, theatre. (i can't wait to also hear what you think if you end up seeing a TUTS production, or whatever that children's acting school place is called. i had the most wretched stage fright and wouldn't go, but all the popular kids went to the summer things.)