Monday, February 05, 2007

Little babies with tubes

Today was my first day of pediatric clinical. As in previous semesters, I'll spend a day or two of the week at a hospital caring for a patient. My first patient was a month-old baby with a probable obstructed bowel. Adorable, even with the distended belly and nasogastric tube suctioning green bile into a canister.

Mom was ever-present and sweet, which was just annoying. I mean come on, let someone else hold your cute baby for a change. I'm only there for a limited time lady, I want to cuddle the bundle of precious too. Or am I only good for taking vital signs with the tiny, coo-inducing neonatal blood pressure cuff?

(Roughly 6" x 1.5")

Some people. Hrumf.

Honestly, it was a nice day. Children just aren't as complicated as adults it seems. I had a fairly easy patient though. Other students' kids spit out their meds, I just had to make sure the acetaminophen suppository stayed in long enough to melt.


  1. *sigh* It's been two weeks. Have we lost him again?

  2. St. Murse is a blog tease.

  3. I feel so abandoned.

  4. Even though y'all hate it when I backdate posts, there we are and we all have to live in this world together so let's just put aside our differences and come together to deliver this baby or end this despotic reign or deliver this alien energy source or whatever it is that we're doing. What are we doing? Where am I?