Friday, February 23, 2007

How to make money with only slight dairy-related regrets

Yesterday after the convention convened for the day, we waited 90 minutes to check in to our hotel (fun!) and then I went to the gym of a different hotel. A short nap and a can of Sparks later, I went with my schoolmates to dinner at a decent seafood restaurant. The blackened redfish and crab bisque I had were delicious. What I ended the meal with, not so much.

As I posted on 2/22, I regularly bet friends money that they won’t do entertaining things. The bet last night was the rapid consumption of all the condiments that came with a baked potato: chives, a kind of Hollandaise sauce, sour cream. The person I bet wouldn't take it, but then the bet was turned back on me by others.

For $15, I did it.

Worth $15? Yes.
Complete photo documentation can be found on my Flickr stream.

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