Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm back

I have no good reason for going so long without posting. For a long time it was procrastination. Then it was the accumulated weight of experience unblogged; heavy indeed. Finally, it was the wistful mockery of my friends who launched a parasite blog in the comments. The posts so amused me that I let another week go by.

Speaking of parasites, a friend gave me a wonderful present Parasite Rex, a book all about parasites and the vile things they do. Great bedtime reading, if you want to dream of things squirming around inside your body.

You might have seen this clip already, but it's so frickin' cool (UPDATE: new version of the same video)


  1. Welcome back! And can I read that when you're done?

  2. oh, no! the video is no longer available! is it about a bug? i like bugs.