Saturday, February 11, 2006

Term of the day: Cerebrovascular Accident

I thought that a stroke, a sudden interruption of blood to a part of the brain, was still called a stroke by medical professionals. Nope. For some time now it's been called a:


The cerebrovascular part is much more descriptive, but the accident part is a bit odd. "Whoopsie, you had an accident. Errr, a chunk of your brain is dying."

In recent years, many professionals and support organizations have starting using a new term to emphasize the seriousness of CVAs. Despite their good intentions, I think brain attack is goofy. It sounds like a bad '50s science fiction film.

I imagine a flock of pulsating, green brains buzzing a terrified small town while teenage girls scream, a brave policeman gets off a couple of pistol shops before being vaporized, and a radio station DJ begs for, "Someone! Anyone! For the love of God, help us!!". At some point, a city councilman would say something like, "They've destroyed City Hall! The nerve of them." Wocka-wocka.

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