Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sigur Rós in Austin

Just got home from seeing at Bass Concert Hall. Dang, they are an amazing band.

I didn't go into a trance state and "wake up" with tears on my cheeks like the last time I saw them, but the last song left my heart racing, my respiration rate way up, and the feeling of being punched in the chest. Words fail to get at just what this band can do to your head and heart.

Opening act , who also play in Sigur Rós' touring incarnation, were a revelation. Incorporating string quartet, musical saw, pump organ, mbira, wine glasses, music box, pre-recorded tracks, xylophone, and more, they shifted from instrument to instrument building up a sparkling mélange of notes and texture. Really beautiful work. The EP they were selling doesn't capture how good they really are, hopefully their upcoming album will.

Here's a representative sample: Amina - Hemipode

In other music news, here's a really horrible article about Austin music. I'd swear that the restaurants, clubs, and music stores paid off the reporter if I didn't know better (no way Big Dan of End of An Ear did that).

UPDATE: Mybloodyself and Spitting Tacks, my concert companions, have posted their impressions of the show as well.

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  1. "whizz?" "Lamaroff?" ouch.

    i haven't even heard of the first restaurant in the article. snore.

    glad school's going well... everybody should learn 15 things every day. hmm. you're on to something here, st.d.