Monday, February 27, 2006

15 things I learned today

My clinical practicum teacher told us we should be learning 15 new things every week at the hospital.

15 things I learned today:
  1. my computer login

  2. the codes to the supply rooms

  3. how to read a medical chart

  4. how to take a femoral (thigh) blood pressure

  5. estimating how much a patient ate of their meal

  6. help a patient take a shower and they'll likely do whatever you want

  7. you can never have enough towels

  8. getting a patient out of bed and into a chair kills two birds with one stone, they're moving around and you can easily change their bed linens

  9. the usefulness of apothecary notation

  10. hospital food looks much more appealing than I had imagined

  11. tracking fluid intake and output is sort of fun, I mean besides the evaluating urine for quantity, color, and odor

  12. even nursing students have perceived authority

  13. I'm going to be seeing a lot of backsides

  14. sometimes just listening to a patient talk makes them feel much better

  15. I really like this


  1. Your nursing posts make me happy.

  2. I showed way too many people my ass the last time I was in the hospital. Including a group of soldiers. >_>

    I still remember walking down the hallway, half-aware of my ass hanging out, mostly trying just to walk. When I got back to my room, Scot let me know that (while I had almost successfully clothed my ass during the walk) I had blood stains ALL OVER the back of my gown. So, I showed the soldiers my ass and my a giant bloody stain on the ass of mygown.

  3. Is it wrong that I sniggered over your blood-stained, ass-showing gown?

    Good for you for being up and around. Fastest way out of the hospital is to get walking and eat all your food.

  4. I don't mind being laughed at.... too much.

    Dear God, I couldn't have eaten all my food. They kept giving me gross things. Like overcooked, unflavored oatmeal. And decaf coffee. Although, when asked about it, I did tell them the truth: I just didn't like the food.

    The nurses were super-nice during my hospital stay. They certainly made things more bearable, even if they did wake me up 5 bajillion times during the night to make sure I was sleeping okay.