Monday, January 30, 2006

Term of the day: Nectar thick liquids

Patients who have trouble swallowing and an impaired coughing mechanism (dysphagia) are at risk for food and liquids getting into their lungs, which can result in pneumonia. Because of this, patients with dysphagia are often prescribed special diets. Pureed food is pretty obvious, but how about thick water? Thickening agents are often added to fluids to reduce the chance of it getting into the lungs.

NECTAR THICK LIQUIDS - the consistency of fruit syrup or V8

There's also honey thick and pudding thick. My instructor brought some Thick N Easy for my class to try. Suffice to say, thick water is weird and thick Diet Coke is vile.


  1. I want some. I think all the fluids in my life could stand to be a little more viscous.

  2. I'll see if I can snag you a packet.