Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rose Bowl aftermath

Even though I'm getting my second bachelor's degree from UT Austin, I've never been a booster of its sports teams. I'm just not a sports guy, and the non-joiner in me reflexively withdrawals from rabid fandom. Regardless, the Longhorns winning the Rose Bowl was thrilling, with a smattering of dread. Great game, very exciting, and yet because of that win I'll be working my ass off at University Co-op shipping tons of UT-branded merchandise to fans all over the country for the next several weeks.

Before each semester begins I usually work the graveyard shift as a temp, filling textbook orders. This time, I started earlier than usual because of all the pre-Rose Bowl excitement. For the past two weeks, I've boxed up countless Rosebowl Bound T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pins, pennants, buttons, keychains, orange wristbands, mugs, shot glasses, koozies, $300 DVD collections of 2005 games, and real roses with UT designs screen-printed on the petals.

This is of course in addition to the regular merchandise the Co-op carries like shower curtains, bed linens, golf bags, poker chips, Santa-in-burnt-orange Christmas ornaments, bottle openers that play "The Eyes of Texas", wheelchair wheel covers, and baby indoctrination DVDs. I swear, they could bottle Bevo farts and they'd sell. It's astounding how much money people will spend on really ugly crap.

Well, at least there will be plenty of overtime available. I start tonight at 11 PM, wish me luck.


  1. Oh, man, if you could hook me up with some Bevo farts, that'd be bitchin'.

    Good luck!

  2. As expected, the vendor is running behind Joolie. I'll see what I can do.