Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My new life as a nursing student

Today marks the end of the week-long introduction to my new life as a nursing student. It’s going to be a lot different from now on. It’s more than just the end of MWF or TTH classes in favor of once-a-week, three-hour lectures or that procrastination is verboten less I fail miserably.

It’s a couple hundred pages of reading a week, 8 AM or earlier classes almost every weekday, and constant studying for that dosage calculation test or health assessment or skills demonstration. And I am not complaining. This is what it takes to be a better-than-competent nurse. Here’s my books for the semester (minus a couple I don't have yet):

stack of nursing books

My classmates and I are already in the swing of things though. Last week, an instructor asked, “Have y’all heard about critical thinking?” The whole class laughed. We'd heard that constantly for a couple days. Just following doctors' orders is for losers.

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  1. dillrepair@yahoo.com6:21 PM, March 31, 2009

    nice, i'm using that Patho book right now. Carol teaches at the school down the road where i got my BA in psych, UWM...