Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gorgeous models (for medical procedures)

BoingBoing really came through for me yesterday. Two posts there directed me to medical simulation model supply websites. What a treasure trove of delights.

Maybe you'd like to practice diagnosing facial lesions? Limbs & Things has the perfect item.

Diagnostic Face with Lesions

Perhaps you need to improve your cut-down skills on something that will actually bleed, but won't sue?

Cutdown Pad

My personal favorite, just for the sheer morbid humor of it, is the adorably-named Lumps & Bumps set "to be used in conjunction with the 'Strap-on' Breasts when performing breast examination." Cause breast lumps are so cute and totally fun.

The phone number for Limbs & Things? 866-GOLIMBS. Of course I've ordered the catalog.

Kyoto Kagaku has a amazing selection of models as well.

Love the creepy Whole Body Phantom.

Whole Body Phantom

Though, if you really want to scare the kids at Halloween, I recommend the Digital Rectal Examination simulator.

Digital Rectal Examination simulator

As expensive as these items are, I just know there's some perv out there who's tired of his Real Doll and is willing to drop a three thousand bucks for a Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer w/ Interchangeable Uteri.


  1. Oooh, digital rectal examination simulator! That photo and your remarks about AMANSET made me add you to my blogroll. Love the blog!

  2. Thanks. I greatly enjoyed your "kill 'em all" entry.

  3. ohmigawd! i hope i never get a rectal exam. i guess i probably won't have to worry about that since i don't have a prostate gland. and real dolls are creepy. but not as creepy as the whole body phantom! zikes!